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    Welcome to Solutions Chiropractic!

    We’re open 24/7, public holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, after hours. If you or someone you know is in pain and in need of assistance, contact the on call chiropractor now (03) 9852 0055. Available out of hours, normal hours & emergencies.

    Personalised Treatment

    You will receive a full individualised treatment

    Licensed Therapists

    Your treatment will be performed by a registered Chiropractor.

    Comfortable Clinic

    We provide all the modern facilities

    Practitioners Network

    We will work closely with all your health practitioners
    solutions chiro back pelvis

    Emergency Chiropractors in Melbourne

    Welcome to Solutions Chiropractic!

    We’re open 24/7, public holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, after hours. If you or someone you know is in pain and in need of assistance, contact the on call chiropractor now (03) 9852 0055. Available out of hours, normal hours & emergencies.

    Solutions Chiropractic is committed to caring for our patients and giving them the best possible result so they can get the most out of life. Contact us today and book an appointment.


    Give your body the strength and confidence it needs to move like it used to.


    Relieve the pressure on your body and experience less pain through improved posture.


    Correcting posture allows you to move with confidence and experience other health benefits.


    Our proven method of chiropractic care is designed for maximum results in the shortest amount of time. At Solutions Chiropractic, we care about our patients and work to improve their wellbeing and establish long term health. Here are some of the most common conditions we treat:


    Back pain is often a major problem for people who spend a lot of the day sitting. We can assist in minimising and eliminating back pain by fixing the root postural issue.


    Are you having trouble moving your shoulders? Our holistic approach to chiropractic care means we look at the entire body to determine the root cause.


    Neck pain often results from sitting in a hunched position in front of your computer. Our chiropractic experts can assess and correct problems like this.


    If you are experiencing headaches it could be the result of poor posture. Contact us to find out more about how we can assist with headaches.


    We want to help you get the best results possible as quickly as possible. In order to do this, we focus on correcting postural problems. If we can fix your posture, we can get you back to living your life the way you want and strengthening your body to handle daily challenges.


    You don’t have to live in constant pain. Call us today and schedule an appointment with Solutions Chiropractic.


    The chiropractic professionals at solutions chiropractic really do care about each and every patient. We want to see you enjoy great results and get back to living your life quickly.


    What will my first visit be like?

    The first time you visit with us, our chiropractic assistants will greet you and take down your information. They will ask you to fill out some forms so that we can see your health history. You will be taken for comprehensive physical, postural, and neurological examinations. We may require x-rays as well, which can be done here on site. Your chiropractor will then explain what if any problems were found can advise a course of treatment.

    Will I receive a chiropractic adjustment the first time I visit?

    Yes, we typically provide chiropractic adjustment the first time unless we determine you are not eligible for our services.

    Is chiropractic treatment safe?

    According to a New Zealand study, chiropractic care is remarkably safe. A study of chiropractic care conducted by the New Zealand government covered safety issues, how satisfied patients were with their experience, how cost effective chiropractic care is, and how well trained chiropractic practitioners are.

    The extensive document they produced determine that chiropractic care benefited the country’s overall health.

    There were a couple of safety issues raised during this study that the commission investigated. The first of these was how safe chiropractic spinal adjustments are, and the second problem is how chiropractic care may keep people from seeking medical treatment as soon as they should. The inquiry was extensive, and the commission’s researchers determined that these safety concerns were completely unfounded. They discovered no evidence that chiropractic care was risky and determined this type of medical care to be very safe.

    Research comes from Chiropractic in New Zealand Report of the Commission of Inquiry, 1979, Page 78.

    Will my insurance company cover chiropractic care?

    All of the major private health insurance companies cover chiropractic care. You can get your rebate right away because we have HICAPS on site for your convenience.

    Does my insurance cover chiropractic?

    Yes, chiropractic is covered by all major private health insurances. For your convenience we have HICAPS on site so you can get your rebate immediately.

    Is a referral required to see a chiropractor?

    No referral is required since chiropractors are considered primary health care providers. You can book an appointment online right here.

    Back Pain

    Signs of back pain to watch for:

    • tingling sensation or numbness in the leg or buttocks
    • trouble getting out of bed
    • muscle tightness or muscle spasms
    • a slouching posture
    • stiffness in the back
    • pain when sitting or standing for a while
    • restrictions in basic movements because of pain
    • pain in between the blades of your shoulders

    if you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, you may be suffering from back pain, which is a very common condition. About 60% of all Australians suffered from back problems in 2017. That adds up to almost 4,000,000 people.

    Back pain can be caused by many different factors, and that’s why we need to thoroughly examine anyone suffering from the symptoms of back pain. We rule out physical trauma and underlying pathological factors first of all. Mechanical or structural problems in the spine or what usually cause back pain.

    One of the first signs we may notice that someone has back pain is their poor posture, caused by mechanical imbalances that occur in the spine. When we see forward changes in posture, we know that this adds extra pressure to muscles, joints, discs, bones, and nerves in the lower back and in other parts of the body.

    This can cause severe pain and physical dysfunction. In many instances, back pain is chronic and can occur frequently. This can greatly hinder your ability to work or play.

    We want you to get back to living your life, and that is why we are committed to treating your back pain.

    What causes back pain?

    Back pain is different for everybody. However, we often see many of the same causes for back pain:

    • inactivity
    • overly soft bedding
    • sports injuries
    • excessive sitting
    • stress
    • physical trauma
    • underlying health problems

    To treat back pain, we first determine if you are a good candidate for chiropractic care. Then, we find the right chiropractic professional to treat you.

    To treat you, we need to perform a thorough physical examination and take down your clinical history.

    How We Work

    We use a proven chiropractic method that looks for misalignments in the spine and imbalances in the body. Once we figure out the postural problem, we can start on helping your body feel and move better.

    We work to stabilise your posture so that there is less pressure on the ligaments, muscles, nerves, discs, and bones close to the spine and lower back. As we take that pressure off, you’ll have more freedom of movement and less pain.

    Are you experiencing back pain?

    We can help you to live a life that is pain free using natural treatments. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your back pain.

    Book your online appointment now and schedule a session with a licensed, professional chiropractor.

    Shoulder Pain

    Do you suffer from: Pain when you move your shoulder? Trouble doing range of motion tasks? An aching in the shoulder joint? Difficulty in carrying objects? Pain when you sleep on your side?

    Your shoulder joint is used in a number of different activities and should be highly mobile. That’s why if you have shoulder pain, it can severely impact much of what you do each day.

    The shoulder joint includes ligaments, bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves, which can all be affected by injury.

    Why do you have shoulder pain?

    Often, shoulder pain is not a problem in the actual shoulder. It is usually caused by a postural problem or a problem with the whole body. There are many reasons why you may be experiencing shoulder pain, and our chiropractors can examine you thoroughly to determine the issue.

    Usually, unless you have suffered from a physical injury or there is an underlying pathological problem, we find that shoulder pain is typically caused by imbalances in the posture or structure. Poor posture is the most common indicator of structural imbalances.

    If your posture is slouched forward, that can cause pressure on your shoulder joint issue and increase the risk of pain and injury. If your shoulders are stuck in a forward position for extended periods of time, this creates rounded shoulders and puts your shoulders at more risk for injury. The strain that places on your shoulder joint can delay healing and exacerbate existing injuries.

    Consider this example:

    Try to put yourself in a proper, upright posture and raise your arms and extend them out to the side. From there, raise them above your head. Then, roll your shoulders forward and extend your posture forward and try doing the same motion with your arms. You will see that it is much more difficult to raise your shoulders in a smooth motion when you are in that forward posture.

    What may be causing poor posture and shoulder pain:

    • sitting or driving for too long
    • poor back support
    • a very soft mattress
    • incorrect pillow height
    • repetitive strain injury
    • sporting injury or other trauma

    What We Do

    We start by looking for imbalances in the underlying structure that may lead to shoulder pain. This allows us to relieve pain and help give the shoulder back its normal range of motion.

    To make this change happen, we use an advanced bio structural correction method. Through this method, we are working to improve your posture and fix structural imbalances in your body. With better posture, your body will feel better and move better.

    Correcting posture over a period of time is called stabilisation.

    When your posture is correct, your muscles, discs, nerves, ligaments, and bones experience less pressure. This can decrease pain and give you greater shoulder mobility. It allows the body to repair itself faster.

    Neck Pain

    Are you suffering from: Neck pain or stiffness? Limited neck mobility? Headaches for no reason? Soreness and tightness in the shoulders? Tension headaches and poor posture?

    Many people suffer from neck pain, which is more common as people spend more of their day sitting down. Staying hunched over screens and slouching in chairs leads to severe postural problems.

    Painful neck movements can become acute and debilitating. Until your neck is injured, you might not realise how many movements it is used for. If you notice you have neck pain or you have had neck pain before, you will understand what we mean.

    How is neck pain caused?

    There are many potential causes for neck pain, and that is why we need to perform a thorough examination. After we rule out underlying pathological issues and physical trauma, the most common factor for neck pain is a mechanical or structural imbalance of the spine.

    These imbalances put serious pressure on areas of the neck, including the muscles, discs, nerves, joints, and bones. The most common indicator of mechanical imbalances in the neck is poor posture.

    Many people experiencing neck pain will suffer from chronic flareups. This can severely limit their ability to both work and play. We want to help you get back full mobility and minimise your neck pain.

    The Cause of Neck Pain

    Neck pain can be different for everybody. However, there are some common causes we see. These include:

    • Sitting for long periods of time
    • A soft mattress
    • The wrong pillow height
    • Sport injuries
    • Stress
    • Physical injury like whiplash
    • Underlying health problems

    Our chiropractic experts will do their best to help you, but we first need to determine if we are the best people to help you. If our assessment finds that you are not a good candidate for chiropractic treatment, then we will refer you to the correct specialist.

    We have found that poor posture is the leading cause behind neck pain, particularly when the patient demonstrates forward head posture. This position places incredible strain on the head and neck.

    What We Do

    Our approach to chiropractic care focuses on correcting postural problems and structural imbalances. By fixing alignment problems in your posture and structure, we can help you to improve your range of motion and to feel better.

    Through a process known as stabilisation, we help you to have better upright posture over time. As your posture improves, the pressure is relieved from your ligaments, muscles, discs, bones, and nerves of the spine and neck. This will decrease the pain you feel and permit your body to heal as it should.

    Contact us today to book an appointment with an experienced chiropractor. You can make an appointment over the phone or book online.


    Do you suffer from: A dull headache? A feeling of tension behind the eyes? A painful sensation of throbbing? Migraines? Sore, tired eyes after spending time in front of the computer?

    Our chiropractic experts notice that headaches are one of the major complaints our practice receives. It is likely that this is because of how much time people spend in front of their computers, hunched over and stressed out.

    It is not office workers only that experience headaches, and this symptom is more and more common as our lifestyle tends to a more sedentary one.

    Headaches are just a regular part of life for many people. In some instances, people can notice a change happening in their body just before a headache comes on. That can stress people out even more as they anticipate the coming headache.

    What is the cause of migraines and headaches?

    There are number of reasons why someone could experience frequent headaches and migraines. The factors behind these problems and how they are experienced are often not the same for any two people. That is why we need to conduct a thorough examination of any patient complaining of these problems.

    We start by ruling out underlying pathology and physical trauma. Once we eliminate those factors, the most common reason for chronic headaches is due to structural imbalances. These imbalances are often caused by poor posture.

    Some patients suffer from severe headaches which may not be caused by mechanical or musculoskeletal problems, and in these cases, we will refer patients to the right specialist.

    When there is a structural imbalance in the spine or in the body, that can place excess pressure on muscles, discs, joints, nerves, and bones of the head and the neck.  The nerves in your head and neck are closely related, and if there are any changes or injuries to the neck, that can cause chronic headaches. Mechanical headaches are most commonly either cervicogenic or tension type headaches.

    What We Do

    Our approach to chiropractic care is to work on the spinal and structural imbalances. By correcting postural and structural problems, we can realign the spine and the body. Our goal is to help you to experience less pain so that you can feel better and enjoy a wider range of motion.

    When your posture starts to improve, this relieves pressure that is been placed on the ligaments, discs, muscles, nerves, and bones in the area of the neck and spine. When that pain is alleviated, your body will be able to work the way it should and not feel so restrictive, and you should experience fewer headaches.

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    We are an Emergency and Family Chiropractic service that treats patients of all ages with specific techniques in relation to musculoskeletal conditions. We have a special interests in sport injuries, postural issues, headaches, neck and back pain. Our treatments are age appropriate. Whether, you are a child, a pregnant lady, an adolescent, an adult or a senior citizen we have various techniques that tailored to meet your care needs.
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