Assessment of the Feet

Did you know that lower extremity misalignment or loss of effective function might cause back discomfort? The foot has 26 bones, 30 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments that work in tandem to provide support, balance, and range of motion. Chiropractic treatment may include customised foot orthotics to repair mechanical problems or reduce limb misalignment, resulting in pain or discomfort.

The significance of your feet to your back

Many patients are confused as to why we examine the feet as chiropractors. This is because your feet and back are connected. We take this into consideration since your feet have an impact on how your knee, hip, back, and other parts of your body function. The arches on each foot can have an impact on your posture, alignment, and joint wear. Foot Levelers utilises a unique digital foot scanner to reveal a collapsed arch in your feet.

Chiropractic and Orthotics: How Does Chiropractic Care Relate?

Your chiropractor is an excellent source for help if you’re suffering from chronic back or lower limb discomfort. Chiropractors specialise in conservative treatment of spinal problems, and posture and gait checks are part of the standard examination process. A correctly manufactured orthotic is designed to aid in the correction of foot deformities such as fallen arches or flat feet. These goods help your foot and ankle work properly, give extra support, and decrease the chance of future injury.

A chiropractic examination always begins with a comprehensive physical examination and a detailed medical history review. The check frequently includes recording a person’s gait pattern, in addition to checking hip, knee, and ankle positioning. Doctors of chiropractic may utilise how a person walks to determine a patient’s requirements. If the heel is striking correctly, for example, chiropractors will see if there’s a body misalignment.

Is chiropractic treatment effective in treating foot and ankle discomfort?

Your feet are the basis of your body and movement. When you move your foot or ankle, there’s a good chance it’ll hurt. Your posture, in addition to your physical condition, can be jeopardised. This may result in spinal and bodily function emerging.

Chiropractic care includes various extremity treatments that may aid with foot issues. Your entire body posture is evaluated, and it’s critical that your body’s base, your feet, are healthy and balanced. Because it affects overall body balance, mobility, and function. Chiropractic adjustments may be given on a variety of joints, including the foot and ankle. While chiropractors are often associated with the spine, we at Innate Chiropractic are also trained in adjusting the extremities, including feet, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. A chiropractic adjustment is never indicated if you can simply adjust the spine, which includes any two or more bones connecting. A joint, by definition, have the ability to be out of alignment and lack normal mobility, and may need a chiropractic adjustment if necessary.

We discover that the ankle responds favourably to Ankle Adjustments since our lifestyle choices cause it to get stiff when its fundamental objective is to be mobile. Treatment can be by hand or with low-force instruments for acute and painful presentations, offering fast relief. If your ligaments were stretched and torn as a result of an ankle sprain or other causes, we would handle them differently.

Patients frequently report to us that they have had ankle discomfort for a long period of time and have learned to live with it. It might be a throbbing or blocked sensation. It can also feel sharp at times. You don’t have to endure recurring ankle discomfort. We can help you, alleviate your symptoms, and provide pointers to enhance your foot and ankle joint mobility and function.